As good as your tools

My dad is fond of saying that a carpenter is only as good as his tools. It's the same for sewing tools. If you've ever tried to trim a seam with cheap scissors, you know exactly what I mean. I work hard to achieve excellent results; I need the right tools for the job. Along the way, I've realized that the perfect tool for the job at hand just doesn't exist commercially. So, I make it. Or I repurpose another tool. I have raided my cooking gadget drawer more than once.

That's how the Pressing Blade was born. It started out as a flexible, offset spatula designed to make icing cakes easier. But it's perfect for pressing out turned, curved seams, as well as turned knife-edged seams. The offset handle allows the blade to sit flat on your pressing surface, and the metal blade transfers heat quickly. You can get one in the Bucklebee Shop.

Joan Radell