What is thoughtfully designed?

You've heard the saying "form follows function." That's really the essence of thoughtful design. Another way to put it: find the need, fill the need.

I was sick of handbags that were pretty (and expensive, or both) and looked great over my shoulder, but didn't perform. I was tired of digging through my bag searching for a pen. For my phone. For a tissue. I was tired of bags that were so heavy that the addition of my own stuff made them uncomfortable to carry. I was tired of so-called designer bags that frankly all looked the same. So I started playing around with canvas and thread and interfacing, and made what would become the first Bucklebee handbag.

As I searched for handbag patterns, I found that they were difficult to follow and confusing. I mean, whose sewing project looks like the technical drawings found on commercial patterns? I've been sewing for decades and have very good sewing skills. I was teaching sewing classes regionally. But I foundmyself looking at those black-and-white line drawings and saying, "I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing." So I set out to fix that, writing my first pattern: The Essential Wallet. You can purchase it in our shop. The pattern is written in the same way that I'd teach that wallet to a class.

Word spread about Bucklebee by Me patterns. They're fun. They're easy. And the results are spectacular. Add one or a dozen to your pattern library.