Make a plan, work your plan

I have a (rare) weekend day off this week, and I want to spend a big chunk of time sewing on Saturday.  I have spent the odd hour here and there this week getting things ready so I can be as efficient as possible.  I have all the interfacing cut for a stack of Boxcar Tote bags. Tomorrow I'll get them fused and trimmed and they'll be ready to sew.

My leisure time is so limited right now that I will forego my usual audio book while I am sewing and think about what I want to do for fun on my next free day!  I have a quilt-in-progress, and a languishing UFO that's nearly done to finish as well.  Plus, now that the weather is warming up, up, I am reminded that I need a few devoted organizing hours in the workshop, because I have a busy summer coming up, and coming up fast..

I'll also think about a meal plan for the coming week and make a grocery list, and make a (short) list of other around-the-house projects I want to finish in the next couple of weeks.  I've become pretty good at being efficient with my time at home, and I'm proud of that.

How do you manage your time off?  Are you frantically busy every minute, or do you take it easy, kick back and watch the world turn?  Are you a planner, a plan-to-be-a-planner, or completely spontaneous?  And how tidy do you keep your workspace?  I think mine qualifies me for a reality show. And not the good kind.


Joan Radell