Almost Showtime!

Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, Pennsylvania, has quite a reputation! It’s unlike any other major show in the region; it’s not managed by a big show production company. It’s hard to get a vendor spot (It took me three years to be accepted) I’ve been inventorying and packing and planning new signage and being generally jittery for the last few days. I am anticipating a lot of fun, a lot of new ideas, and a lot of customers.

The show runs Thursday through Sunday at the Hershey Conference Center. Check the Quilt Odyssey website for details. Bucklebee Bags and Bucklebee Toolbox will be waiting for you in booth 108. We’ll be demonstrating our unique tools all day, each day. First person to bring me a cup of coffee gets a prize!

Oh! I forgot to mention—we’ll have a very special new tool to show you. It’s guaranteed to up your game; your projects will immediately look more professional and polished. There’s almost no learning curve: take it home, and start using it right away. You’ll be thrilled with your results.

Joan RadellComment