Buzz buzz buzz!

Our newest pattern, the Fast Lane messenger-style handbag, is getting plenty of buzz on Instagram and Facebook! It's roomy enough for all of your gear, but has a slim and elegant silhouette. Best of all it's easy to make, and it really shows off your fabric choices.

Did you know that our patterns are designed to give machine embroiderers space to add a monogram or special motif? You can embroider your exterior yardage before or after you interline with foam or fleece, it's up to you and your machine! Also consider making patchwork yardage for the body of your bag, or just the flap, or machine quilting your fabric. Today, I'll be using some of the decorative stitches on my machine to accent some subtly-printed denim to use in a new design I'm working on.

Handbags are a great place for embellishment: they're small, and they're show-offs by design! It's OK to go a little overboard.

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Joan Radell