Shuffling paper

My sewing machine is home! and running like new. I am happy, and my stress level has dropped considerably. I worked on a Shuttle Laptop Bag this afternoon, but the day's goal was to get patterns printed for the show. I leave a week from tomorrow, and time is tight.

I print my own patterns. It's not a glamorous job, but it's vital to have enough printed patterns at a quilt show. In addition, I carry a flash drive with me with all of my patterns and pattern covers on it, just in case I need to find an all-night copy place in the middle of a show.  I invested in a printer that uses ink tanks rather than cartridges, and it's economical. I also choose very bright white paper, which enhances the photos that appear with every step of every pattern. Once the layout is done, I hit the print button and just keep the paper feeder full. Once the printing proper is finished, I fold 'em up and slip each one in a zip top pattern bag. If you've ever purchased a printed pattern from me, rest assured I personally folded and bagged it just for you!

Next printing chore: hardware hangtags! I can't stand all this glitz!

Joan Radell