The Best Laid Plans

Timing, as they say, is everything. Saturday I was knee-deep in handbag sewing in the workroom. I broke a needle, and after I replaced it I heard a Very Bad Noise. Not only that, but I found that my feed dogs were partially dropped and would not budge. What the bejeepers had I done, and why had this happened 10 days before a huge show!?

I know better than to dig in the guts of my machine (a Janome QC8200) myself, and luckily I have a dealer a very short drive away. I took the machine in and was promised that it would be first on the repair bench this morning. I am typing this with my fingers crossed.

I had great plans for this post: lists of what I was sewing to get ready for the Quilters Unlimited show (details on the Events page) and a few insights about retailing my handbags. That will have to wait. I am now printing hangtags for hardware kits, washing table covers and aprons, and fusing interfacing in hopes that my machine is back on my sewing table this afternoon. But the best laid plans are aft gang agley, says Robbie Burns in his poem "To a Wee Mousie." And I agree.

Joan Radell