Ultimate Bucklebee Toolbox

Ultimate Bucklebee Toolbox


This is the whole shebang. Fourteen of our tools in a black and yellow toolbox, ready to work for you. This bundle saves you a whopping $11! Our Ultimate Toolbox contains:

Practically Perfect Pressing Mitt, Practically Perfect Pressing Cloth, Steel Offset Pressing Blade, Frixion thermosensitive pen, Big Wood Stick, Steel Stick, Razor Ripper, Just Better Machine Cleaning Brushes, Bonzai Thread and Fabric snips, Beeswax Button, Little Teapot Stiletto, Locking Tweezers, and a dozen Mini Fabric Clips. We have a limited quantity of these incredible toolboxes available, so grab one while we’ve got them. Construction Jack and mini-toolbox not included. We’re keeping him in the workshop.

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Here is a list of the 14! tools included in the Ultimate Bucklebee Toolbox:

  • A 12” black toolbox with secure latch and carrying handle

  • Practically Perfect Pressing Cloth: 30” x 30” ring spun cotton, pre-washed, hemmed on all four sides

  • Practically Perfect Pressing Mitt: A double-insulated mitt designed to allow you to press a bag from the inside out

  • Steel Offset Pressing Blade: Press out perfect turned curves and eliminate tucks along the seamline

  • Just Better Machine Cleaning Brushes: Ultra flexible, washable, won’t shed bristles. See it in action.

  • Razor Ripper: Removes seams like magic (see our video on the Bucklebee Bags YouTube Channel)

  • Locking Tweezers: Toothed-grip 5 1/2” tweezers that lock closed. Multi-tasking master tool

  • Bonzai Thread and Fabric Snips: Razor edged snips made for trimming bonzai trees.. Incredibly sharp steel blades.

  • Little Teapot Short Stiletto: Guides fabric, marks fastener positions, lifts turned corners

  • Big Wood Stick: Silky finished hardwood for turning, cold pressing creases, and eliminating seam-allowance show-through on the right side of your project

  • Steel Stick: Slick steel turning tool won’t bend. Indispensable for turned-fusible applique. See it in action here.

  • Beeswax Button: Strengthen and lubricate hand-sewing threads with a quick pass over this sweet, fragrant 100% beeswax blossom

  • Mini Clips: A dozen super-tight fabric clips with 1/8” tips for precise alignments and tight spaces. Marked in 1/8” increments for accurate placement

  • Frixion thermosensitive pen: Marks disappear with the touch of a hot iron. Use only on the wrong side of your work. Writes smoothly and evenly without skipping on fabric and interfacing.