Bucklebee Necessary Tools Bundle

Bucklebee Necessary Tools Bundle


Three necessary tools, bundled together in a useful tube: our amazing Just Better Machine Cleaning Brushes, a Little Teapot Stiletto (it’s short and stout!) and a Little Wood Stick for turning, setting, creasing and pressing. Our Wood Sticks are beautiful hand-shaped and hand-finished hardwood that won’t snap or splinter. The Little Teapot Stiletto handles jobs that need a tool that’s sharp and precise, but stronger than a pin. And our Machine Cleaning Brushes are the very best tool available to remove dust, lint and stray fibers from your sewing machine. Three special tools at a spectial price, with flat rate shipping. Pick up a set for yourself, and a few for your sewing pals!

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You will reach for these three sewing tools again and again. They’re truly indispensable. This bundle includes a set of our Just Better Machine Cleaning Brushes, a Little Teapot Stiletto, and a Little Wood Stick. Our brushes are simply the best protection for your sewing machine investment. Their silicone heads have lush bristles that are molded on; you can’t leave one behind to get into sensitive electronics. The heads are very flexible, allowing you to get to areas you’ve never been able to clean before. And when they get full of lint and debris, give them a wash with warm water and a drop of dish soap and they’re like new again. We call our stiletto the Little Teapot because it’s short and stout. How many bent pins are hiding in your pin dish? Sometimes you need a very sharp, pointy tool that’s tougher than a straight pin. Little Teapot will lift out that last stitch in a turned corner, help guide layers of fabric under your presser foot, or poke guide holes for snaps and grommets. CAUTION: Little Teapot has a VERY sharp point. Keep it well away from children. Little Wood Stick is a point turner, a corner setter, a crease marker, a bone folder, and a pressing aid packed into silky smooth 4” hardwood stick. We make each Wood Stick by hand, one at a time, in our workroom. They won’t snap or splinter. Their points are specifically designed to poke corners out without poking through your seams. Wood Sticks are beautiful, too, with a hand-rubbed beeswax finish so they won’t snag your fabric.

All three tools are packaged in a useful screw-topped tube.