Why Queen Bee? Beccause she's a RULER!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sewing rulers on the market. There are specialty measuring tools for garment sewers and quilters and machine embroiderers. Handbag makers have specific needs when it comes to measuring and layout, and we make good use of the rulers and tapes on the market. But don’t you think it’s time for us to have a ruler designed especially for handbag makers? I did. And now we do.

Bucklebee is thrilled and excited to introduce the Queen Bee Ruler. It’s 12 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. It’s made of crystal clear acrylic, and screen printed in a clear, uncluttered and accurate 1/8” scale. The ruler is self-centering for positioning handles and hardware. Queen Bee has a 7” x 1/2” slot cut from the center. This makes quick work of adding zipper pockets to linings and marking seam allowances. The Queen Bee will be a welcome addition to your toolbox. I’m already finding more ways to use it!

At Bucklebee, we believe tools that multi-task are worth your investment. You’ll find the Queen Bee is a great tool for knitting and fiber arts—check that gauge! Scrapbookers and cardmakers love the centering feature, and the slot helps with even placement of stickers, stamps and embellishments. Hand-letterers and chalkboard artists use the Queen Bee to draw accurate guidelines quick as a wink. We’re certain you’ll find other uses for this tool, and we hope you’ll share those ideas with us here, or on our Instagram @bucklebee_patterns.

You’ll find the Queen Bee in our Pattern and Notion Shop page, or come see it in person at a quilt show. Our full year’s schedule is posted on the Events Page.

Joan Radell