Before You Leave...

Yesterday I listed a few things you can do beforehand to make your class experience more enjoyable. For most teachers, your class experience doesn't end when the allotted class time is over. They may follow up via email or text; they may have items available for purchase. Before you head home with your new-found skills, use this list to maximize your benefit:

  1. Thank your classmates. You've spent a few hours with people who share an interest. Exchange email addresses or phone numbers if you want to stay in touch and nurture a new friendship.
  2. Make sure you have contact information for your instructor. Almost all teachers are happy to talk you through a sticky spot if you need help down the road.
  3. Take pictures, and share them. Class pics are inspirational.
  4. Pack up and tidy up. Make sure you have all your belongings. Take a minute or two to pick up clippings and scraps from your workspace.
  5. Be forthcoming with feedback. If your teacher uses a post-class survey form, fill it out thoughtfully. If you have ideas for new classes, let your event coordinator or shop owner know. If you enjoyed your class, let your friends know, and consider posting a positive comment on web or social media sites--your own, the instructors, and the class host's, as well.

I enter all of my classes with the goal of teaching new skills that will enhance a sewer's toolbox of techniques. I hope to see you in a Bucklebee handbag construction class very soon!


Joan Radell